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Enter Data Online and Earn $200 Daily, Workers Needed Worldwide
Earn $31.50 Per Transaction!

Would you like to earn an extra $200 every day?, for just 45 minutes work? You could quit your job and make double the money at home working for yourself. Companies are currently looking for data entry workers worldwide to enter data online. Rates of pay are excellent from $200 a day and up. We have over 8000 current members earning extra money from their own home. This is not some get-rich-quick scheme, and we can guarantee an income of $200 a day or your money back! If you want to earn from home for entering data, please keep reading:

You don't need any prior experience to work entering data, access to the internet is all that is needed. You can simply follow our step by step guide and work whenever you want for how long you want. You will be in control of your own working hours, the more you work the more you earn. We have many students, work from home moms and retired men and women who are making extra cash, We lead you by hand to earning a substantial income online!

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Data Entry - Explained
Once you join you will be given a username and password to our members area. The members area contains illustrated step by step tutorials guiding you through each step of entering data. We will also allow access to a catalog of companies who need you to help enter data for them. It is free to join each company and takes just 30 seconds to sign-up, every company in our catalog will accept you to enter data for them and you can begin earning within minutes. Next you can sign-up for a data account, you can then just copy and paste data from our members area into these forms. You can look at the catalog and forms anytime and can control when you work. You don't even need to make up the data yourself we provide you with the data, you simply need to copy and paste it into the forms. Once you have submitted the form its done, and each you submit will make you money. The members area also teaches you how you can simply keep submitting forms everyday to make a substantial income online.

A picture of a form is included below, it is simply 3 - 4 lines of information. Again we provide all the data needed in our members area along with easy to follow instructions, its so easy anyone can work entering data. Some members can't believe they are earning for simply copying information from our members area. Our program will also show you how many of our top members create a never ending stream of income, just by submitting forms online!

Recent Comment

"Great system! I love making extra cash from home. I now do this work full time because It generates more money than my normal paying job! I owe it all to your program. I have made over $8000 in the first 4 days with you! See professional indemnity insurance uk Thanks" - Anne, Dallas Tx

Anyone can do it - It really is easy, you can simply signup for data entry accounts which we tell you then submit the forms with the data we provide and lastly watch your account as money adds up daily. These companies need people like you to enter data as it spreads word about their products helping them to generate sales. This is how they can pay you so much, they are splitting their profits with you. You will be paid via check, wire transfer or paypal.

This work is fully legal, You may enter data for over 100,000 different companies. We provide an online catalog of companies, organised into relevant categories (health, money, employment etc). Simply look for comapanies you would like to join according to how much they pay. You will never submit any forms with data that is objectional. Again it takes just minutes to signup with each company, and it is 100% FREE. Our Top member is earning $600 - $1000 every day, why couldn't you?

5 Simple Steps

   1. Join a company from the online catalog (100% Free)
   2. Login to your account to access the data forms
   3. Copy and Paste the data from our members area
   4. Submit the form
   5. Thats It! You will be paid by check or direct deposit.

   Our members are making substantial incomes working just 30 minutes - 1 hour a day!

Whats Included In The Members Area
  • Recommendations of the top paying companies.
  • Secret info of the company who pays $35 for a 30 second form!
  • How to submit data with the best information in, which earns you more!
  • Access to my list of over 10,000 companies who need YOU!
  • Lifetime membership to the members area which ensures you know about the best data entry opportunities
  • Buy before the timer at the bottom runs out, and your account will already have $50 in!

Please keep in mind, We have over 100,000 working members, using a true system which can generate anyone a great income working from home for simply entering data into forms.

Please Look at The Form Below
This is exactly what the forms look like!

How will I be paid and when?

Once you sign up you can set up your account immediately, You'll be able to log into your account anytime you want, to see how much you have made. You'll be paid via check or paypal every Month, as simple as that!

Just Look at How Much You can Earn Completing Forms:

If you complete 2 forms a day = $448 per week! (thats $1792/Month and $21,503 a Year!)

If you complete 4 forms a day = $896 per week! (thats $3584/Month and $43,008 a Year!)

If you complete 8 forms a day = $1792 per week! (thats $7168/Month and $86,016 a Year!)

What determines the amount I'm paid?

Our most dedicated members are earning $200+ every day (Based on January 06 figures), the more forms you submit usually the more money you will make. The amount each company pays varies from $20 - $100 per form. This money will mount in your account every day! (see the screenshot above, Annes account shows how your earnings are shown.) The earnings are then sent to you via check fortnightly from us, or if you have earned more than $5000 in any given month you may request a direct deposit.

Our members area also lets you know the companies making our members the most money. Many members have told us that they are working just 20 minutes a day and earning over $300/day. Once again it takes just 2 -3 minutes to complete each form, paying you $15.00 - $50.00! If you are not earning $200/day within your first week of following our members area, please email for a full refund!

Recent Comment

"Just a quick email to say your program has worked out great for me, no longer am I tied down. I have plenty of money and time to do whatever I want. Thankyou very much." Mathew - Surrey, Uk

Do I Qualify to Enter Data?

If you can complete our step by step instructions and have internet access you can work entering data Now! We currently support members from all over the world. Entering data is a proven money-maker, see our testimonials above! If you have more questions please see our faq.

Register Now and Start Earning Within Minutes!

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We are currently testing a trial price of $49.99, the price will be going back up to $147 very soon!

Some members have reported earning within 4 minutes of signup!

We charge a onetime fee to keep the quality of workers high. Once we have 8000 more members we will discontinue this offer. Join us today and ensure your position now!

Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

We offer a money back guarantee, if for any reason you are not happy please email us for a full refund, All we ask is that before you request a refund, you give our system a fair try, you will make money. There is no risk!

Order Now!

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Once You Have Ordered, You Will Immediately Be Given All The Details Needed to Start Entering Data, Even If It's 2:00am


If you order before the timer runs out,
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